This paper airplane is good if you do not have a big yard or a good big open space any where to fly one. The reason for this is that it does not fly well at all outside at all. It is very good inside though and flies well.

It is called The Seagull, follow these steps to make your own.


How to Make the Seagull Paper Airplane


Skill Level: Easy
Airplane Type:Dart
Throw Style:Soft to medium strength


Step 1:


Start with an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.


Step 2:


Next fold it in half width-wise.


Step 3:


Next unfold the paper.


Step 4:


Now fold the two top corners in so that they are touching the center line, as shown in the

picture above.


Step 5:


Next fold the point of the paper airplane down as shown above.


Step 6:


Next fold the edges down again,so that the bottoms of the flaps are about an half an inch

from the bottom.

Step 7:


Then fold your airplane in half.


Step 8:


Next, fold the wing back at a slight angle.


Step 9:


Next flip the paper over.


Step 10:


Next fold the other wing back.


Final result:


And you’re done test it out and let me know what you think.


Tips for Making This Paper Airplane



Use a lightweight printer paper for this plane. Because it is light and will not weigh the plane down.

Don’t use construction paper or cardstock with this design since it would be too heavy.


Folding Tips:

Make sure you crease the paper well on each fold. And folding on a hard surface will make your creases easier.

Accurate folds will make your plane look and fly better.


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